Referral marketing best practice guide: your comprehensive guide to acquiring new customers via referral marketing
Learn from the referral marketing experts. Buyapowa has successfully powered referral marketing programmes for over 100 of the world's leading brands and retailers - across many countries and in countless verticals, including retail, grocery, entertainment, fashion, telecoms, gaming, style and beauty, finance and many more.
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Make Referral Marketing A Whole New Customer Acquisition Channel
Starting up a referral marketing programme is the easy bit, but getting it right takes experience and know-how.
You need to select the right rewards and incentives for your business. You need to make the entire process as frictionless as possible. You need to know how to spread the word about your referral marketing programme and how to keep it fresh and relevant. 
And, all the while, you need to ensure that your referralmarketing programme is on-brand and constantly improving as you test, learn and iterate.
If that sounds tricky, don’t worry. It’s simple once you know how, and we’ve pulled together the very best advice, tips and examples to make sure that your referral marketing programme gets off to a great success and keeps getting better and better.
Whether you’re a seasoned online referral marketing expert or a complete novice, our free best practice guide will tell you everything you need to ensure success.
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See how buyapowa's referral marketing solution works
Referral marketing (or getting new customers via ‘word of mouth') is the oldest trick in the marketing playbook. It’s how our grandparents and great grandparents discovered great new places to shop, and it’s the secret technique that saw retailers like Walmart and Tesco become the giants they are today. Until now, it’s been hard to achieve the same level of customer-get-customer referrals online but, thanks to the latest generation of digital tools, what was previously impossible is now rapidly becoming an essential customer acquisition tool in the world of ecommerce.
This video shows how Buyapowa's award-winning referral marketing software works. If you’d like to know more then please get in contact
We are the referral marketing experts
Four years ago, our passionate team of engineers, marketers and ecommerce people set itself a mission: to reinvent referral marketing by taking full advantage of the amazing social connectivity we all now enjoy.
But we didn’t just stir a dash of WhatsApp and a sprinkling of Twitter into some stale old soup, we’ve gone right back to the kitchen and completely reimagined what it takes to engage customers, get them sharing, start their friends shopping and keep everyone coming back for more.
We're headquartered in London, UK with offices in New York and Paris.
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